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Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack is a fun, exciting card game and also one of the most popular in the casino world. For many casino players, blackjack is an iconic game which may have been the first one that they tried in a casino, drawing them into the realm of card games.

Although it’s impossible to control the amount of luck on your side, going into the game with these blackjack strategies will help you reduce the risk of losing out.

Know the Rules:

First and foremost, taking the time to get familiar with the rules of blackjack is an important factor when it comes to improving your chances of winning. Understand how the game works and everything will quickly click into place. The good news is that there are several awesome blackjack guides available online for you to refer to.

Make Use of a Blackjack System:

Once you’re familiar with the rules, it’s time to get to business by utilizing a blackjack system. These are simple ways to change how you’d normally play a round of blackjack, with the goal of bringing you closer to success. For example, the Paroli system is a popular idea which simply suggests that you increase your bet when you win and decrease it when you lose, until you are back to your original bet. You might also like to try the Parlay system; when you win, your next bet should be calculated by adding your first bet and your profit. Or, there’s the Martingale System where your bet is doubled each time you lose.

Use a Blackjack Card Strategy:

If using an entire system to dictate how you play isn’t for you, you might want to think about using a blackjack strategy with the cards that you hold. This has been a fool-proof way of ensuring success for many blackjack players. By making smart decisions at each move, you can improve your chances of taking away the prize. For example, if your hand lands on ten or eleven points, you may choose to double your bet. This will give you an extra card but bear in mind that you cannot hit again if you play this move.

Or if you are playing with a hand that is low in value, you can ask to be hit. For example, if your hand is just seven or eight points, you can hit as many times as you need to improve the value. For hands that are neither low or high, for example from 12-15, it’s important to consider the dealer’s card first. It may only be worth hitting if the dealer is on a high card, as lower cards tend to be more susceptible to a hand going bust when it is dealt. For example, if you’re on 14 and the dealer card is showing a 5, two high cards will leave the dealer with too many and you’re a winner.

If you receive two of the same card, you can split them and double your chances. But, never play this move with fives or tens.

Luck will always play a part in the game of blackjack, but these strategies can improve your chances of winning.